Terms and Conditions



You agree that you are physically capable of taking part in the Event and you agree to be solely
responsible for your actions. Hampshire Santa Run is not responsible for any injury or illness that you
may suffer because of your participation.

Our Events rely on the support of locals and volunteers for their success. You agree you will be polite
and courteous at all times, and follow instructions given by marshals or crew.


The event entry fee is individual to you, non-refundable and non-transferable except at our
discretion in the limited circumstances outlined below.

Cancellation in writing within 64 days of the event: 50%
Cancellation in writing within 28 days of the event: no refund

Due to the nature of sports events we are unable to make exceptions for injuries or pregnancy.

Entrants must be 5 years or older.

If you are purchasing a 'Child' for a participant aged between 5-11 years old this must be in conjunction with an 'Adult' ticket and you must accompany the child on track. 

11-15 year olds can participate unaccompanied. All children will need parental/ guardians consent
to take part.


The rightful owner of a dog is the person named as such in the dog’s vaccination book and/or official

The rightful owner must ensure that the animal is owned (cared for) in accordance with the law.
In case of an injury (where there is no responsibility of any others), competitors are covered by
event insurance.


Pictures and video footage may be used on the race website or that of our sponsors and in
advertising material and media write-ups.

All competitors entering the event agree to their photograph being used for these purposes.

Any competitor found to be behaving in an inappropriate way will be disqualified and may be
prevented from entering future Hampshire Santa Runs.

Medical Conditions

It is recommended that you prepare and train for this event. Please consult your doctor for a check-
up if you have not exercised for some time. If you have a medical condition, it must be detailed on
the reverse of your race number provided on the event day.

Race Alteration & Cancellation:

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel entry applications, or alter the date of the event, the course
route or the distance. Only a partial refund will be given if the event is forced to be cancelled or
postponed due to circumstances beyond our control

Race Transfers:

Transfer of individual entries between different events is permitted, subject to availability, providing
we are informed by e-mail no less than 4 weeks before the event you wish to transfer from.
Transfer of individual entries between events on the same date (e.g. from the 1 lap race to the 2 lap
race) is permitted, subject to availability, providing we are informed by e-mail) the difference in cost
is payable by PayPal in advance of the event.

Transfers requested less than 4 weeks before the event will not be permitted. Competitors using
someone else number can have serious consequences in the event of a medical emergency. The
accuracy of the race results is also affected when competitors are placed in the wrong event, age or
sex category. Any competitor using someone else number will be disqualified.

Data Protection:

Personal information handling in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998)
By registering for the event, you confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms and

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